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Veterinary Bolus Suppliers In India

Why is Veterinary Bolus Important for Cattle Health?

Veterinary Bolus Suppliers In India: If you are a farm owner and then it is so definite that you will know cattle is your asset. Because with the help of them you can run your business smoothly. Along with this, the cattle also helps to produce the milk, meat, wool, leather, bio waste and most significantly it also works as a main mechanism of the farm. And that is the reason, it is necessary to keep your cattle always healthy and fit. But it can only be possible when you give veterinary bolus to your animals.

Now, one question that definitely arises in your mind is what exactly veterinary bolus is. Then don’t worry, you will get to know about this in the further paragraphs of the blog and also some of the benefits that you will see in your cattle when you give veterinary bolus to them. And is it really important to give them bolus.

What is Veterinary Bolus?

We all know that cattle are also called ruminants and these are those certain types of animals that eat grass as well as plants like cows, sheep, goats, buffaloes and camels. And in order to digest the things that they eat the proper functioning of the stomach is necessary. And that is why their stomach is basically divided into four types. The three are pre pocket stomachs and one is a true stomach. And the three stomachs usually acted as a fermenter where the bacteria tend to grow and the chemical breakdown of food can be performed.

Whereas the true stomach is that part from where the food travels and the digestive compounds dry out. And the process from where the food compounds digests from pre stomach to the true stomach is called bolus. And that is why it is necessary for you to make sure that you are giving the veterinary bolus to your cattle so that it keeps your animals healthy and strong by boosting their immunity and the power of digestion.

Benefits of bolus for cattle

If the human body lacks in essential nutrients, then they also are in need of the supplements that fulfills their diet and keep it balanced. So that their immunity tends to remain strong and able to perform all the physical and mental activities in an effective way. In the same manner, the animals too need supplements in form of tablets, or injections and it is given to them so that their functioning of all the organs and the digestive tract remains active and strong.

Along with this, the veterinary bolus is rich in nutrients and it is required by the body of the cattle because when they consume it then it helps them to give the best, as it stays in the bottom of their rumen and provides all the essential nutrients that cattle need for a long period of time.

Now let’s discuss a few of the benefits that your animals will get when you give them veterinary bolus. And these are as follows:

  • Improves digestion cycle: In order to keep the digestive health of your cattle on track it is necessary that all the food they take get digested into their body so that it helps to keep them healthy. And with the help of bolus, the complex compounds like glucose or carbohydrates break down and stay in the rumen which boost the health and the immunity of the cattle.
  • Boosts immunity against illness: Usually the livestock stays in a polluted environment and even there are a lot of parasites and ill causing germs that affect their body. So it is necessary to give them bolus that helps to keep their immunity strong and protects them against any illness.
  • Enhances the quality of production & reproduction: Along with this, if the immunity of your cattle tends to remain strong, then definitely it will in turn increase the quality of the production as well reproduction. Because after getting veterinary bolus, their body is capable enough to perform any sort of activity.

In conclusion, when it comes to taking care of animals, having good suppliers is really important. Heilsaa Care is one of the leading Veterinary Bolus Suppliers In India. Because we tend to focus on making sure all the products are of top-quality and meet the needs of veterinarians. Along with this, we are also known for being reliable and putting customers first. So, if you’re also looking for a trustworthy supplier for veterinary bolus, then you can definitely choose us.

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